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Too Stubborn To Quit!

Picture of myself from 2021.

Wife taking photos of my daughter & I.

The Wife caught me enjoying the snow.

Finding out my Wife was pregnant.

About Me

I’m an accomplished failure and I mean that in the most wonderful way possible. Heading toward graduation from Full Sail University in February 2023. I’ll be acquiring a Bachelors in Media Communications with a 4.0 GPA (on track currently), and I’ve been granted The Directors Award along my way. Including countless amounts of praise from peers & my Professors. A continuation into a Masters program in the media industry is definitely in my sights. However, my success thus far, has not been without effort or failures.

Laying It All Out!

The past I’m carrying is congested in a turmoil of grief and desperation. Simply, I own my past. There is no secret, because I was a desperate child, screaming for help in every way possible. Luckily and undeservingly, I’ve been bestowed two loving Grandparents with the patience of saints. They essentially re-raised me and showed me a life of compassion. Providing me a real home, safety, and love even as I hit the lowest points of life.

The Storyteller

Call it cheesy or sappy, but that’s been the best description I’ve found, to describe how I’ve grown. The creative arts used to be my silent passion. But, that was before I developed my voice, and discovered that I can tell story’s through deliberate design. Whether that’s animation or motion graphics in After Effects. Illustrating characters, logos, and or banners in Illustrator. Video editing in Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, or making a podcast with Audition. Working with film, audio, technology, and people is my art. This is something I love.



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