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5 Things That Boost My Focus & Inspiration!

As I settled into my desk to pen this post I tossed out my original concept due to a sudden epiphany. I realized the significance of the objects that surround me - they're just random items but integral tools that keep my productivity and creativity high throughout the day.


First up, my keyboards. Yes, that’s plural! As a writer and content creator it's essential for me that my keyboards feel comfortable. Because long-form sessions can quickly cause finger and wrist strain. So being able to switch between my keyboards helps me alleviate those issues. The feedback from the keys is almost therapeutic, allowing me to maintain focus and to get into the flow of a project.



Next up are my Legos. I adore creativity and our ability to imagine. Nothing beats Lego figures and bricks on my desk; it's a complete game-changer. Putting the mind into an open-mode, a state of perception that fosters a willingness to accept all ideas (Faranello S., 2016). Besides, I find it rewarding for my inner child to be a part of the process.


There is a sense of calm and harmony in my workspace thanks to the little plant on my desk. As a result, I'm grounded in the environment I work in each day and my environment is stable and predictable. I feel a sense of purpose when I am able to maintain and care for living things beyond the demands of my work.



Paper & pencils are always within my reach. Even in a digital age with my second-brain system or as I call it "Nabuk", pronounced na-buk. I'm a dork and combined the word book and the Babylonian god Nabu (Wikipedia, 2022). The physical act of writing down ideas, notes, and to-do lists helps me distinguish my thoughts better. Plus, there’s something satisfying about seeing a physical manifestation of my abstract ideas.


Of course I’m going to list myself! I’m an introverted creative who’s overcome mountains of stuff, which I’ll cover in a later post. In the words of my mentor Joiya, ”Be kind to yourself”. I know this is harder said than done. But actively investing in yourself by advocating for yourself is an excellent starting step. It’s all about finding what works best and for me, it was prioritizing self-care.


Introducing the bonus item - a tennis ball! It might seem random and obscure, but read on! During moments of deep thought-experiments, I've realized that fidgeting helps support the process. Let my mind ponder a single question and wander in a meditative state. I find that I come up with my finest ideas when I’m not bothered by outside influences.


These items are small and insignificant. The role they play in helping me stay motivated throughout the day is crucial to my process. To me, that's a priceless gift as I continue to develop my creative abilities. I know that these are essential tools for my workspace.

Hopefully this gives you some insight or spark of creativity for your own process. Please feel free to share and subscribe if you were inspired by the article. Drink some water and thank you for reading.


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